Friday, July 24, 2015


Hi my name is Chloe and I love baking and eating healthy things. Please read this blog if you want to start eating healthy.

The first step to get on a healthy start is by getting rid of the junk in you’re house. For instance candy, cake unless it is someone’s birthday coming up, and other things like that.

The second step is do the candy challenge for a least a week or so. And this step might be hard for some kids but I am a kid and I did it for a year so after a few days it gets a little bit more easy to do.

And the third step is ask a parent or guardian if they can take you to some of these places listed below for healthy foods:
Or my favorite store Whole Foods I would definitely recommend this store.

Why Drink Smoothies?

I  would say that one way to get healthy is by drinking smoothies because smoothies have a lot of vitamins in the fruits and vegies.  Some people do not know exactly what they are drinking in there smoothies and sometimes they get surprised when they find out.  If you love drinking smoothies than I would recommend putting in some shakeology powder

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  1. Thanks Chloe for the great tips! You are a skilled writer! Keep it coming